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Who we are

We believe the beauty of life is a function of our experiences and we can make people’s life beautiful by giving them amazing human experiences from the quality of the products we build.

This has been our mandate since our inception as we continuously gather resources and expertise to create a quality user experience and solve problems that hinder our client’s from reaching their business goals.

We have the courage to go the extra mile to get things done.

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Our Story

Our founders set out to build a product studio that will cater to the growing needs of software products among startuppers, small, and large enterprises. Alongside building products as a service, the company was also tasked to spot problems they can solve and build proprietary solutions to solve them.

We are keeping the light of the vision that birthed Boldin and pursuing the mission without respite.

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Our Values

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Continuous innovation




Our Team

We are product managers, researchers, designers, engineers, consultants, and much more

Korede Victor Adebayo

Korede Victor Adebayo


Buluro Tobi

Buluro Tobi


Kola Shawana

Kola Shawana

Technical Advisor/Director

Adedeji Adeloye

Adedeji Adeloye

Head of Technology

Jephtah Paul Nmeri

Jephtah Paul Nmeri

Product Designer

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